Thoughts for the Day
"Here I am, I'm just a fragment of my God.
Heavenly Father please hear me, sometimes life gets so hard.
With you as my desire, spirit's gonna lift me higher!
Got to keep my irons in the fire."
                                                             ---- Teena Marie, Irons in the Fire
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I am proud to have been a part of a group of 36 singers and musicians to perform an orchestral-rock version of the Depeche Mode 80's hit "People are People". All proceeds from the song, will benefit NAACP Encouragement Program, The Southern Poverty Law Center, The Head Count, and Black Lives Matter.  I will provide a link once the song is officially released, which is scheduled to happen on Friday, November 20,2020.


My next project consisting of six new original songs, is on schedule for release in late spring, early summer 2021 - all penned by yours truly!  In the meantime, I would be so appreciative and humbled if you would purchase a copy of my EP "A Woman of a Certain Age" from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, or Spotify, available in both CD and download formats. Thank you.


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