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The Artist


          Fay Baker was born in Kansas City, Kansas.  She was raised in Los Angeles, California and has been an avid music fan all her life.  Fay knew early on that she wanted to be a singer, but practical and pressing responsibilities deferred her dream.  Fortunately, several years ago, Fay had an epiphany that re-awakened her artist's spirit, and she decided to fully embrace her destiny as a singer.  


          Fay has trained extensively with L.A. premier vocal coach, Teri Danz, and aspires to carve out a musical niche for herself.  With the 2018 release of her first EP "A Woman of A Certain Age", and her second EP release "Wildflowers" in 2021, Fay has taken a giant leap towards that goal! 


          Fay currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband.

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