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Smooth Jazz

Inspirational, Evocative


Review by A. Hollister, Jr.


Just a little over two years after the successful release of her first EP, A Woman of a Certain Age, Fay Baker has delivered her second effort entitled Wildflowers.  This new EP of original songs penned by the artist, is a unique listening experience that showcases the relaxed, understated style that is Fay’s niche.


Starting with a breezy upbeat tune titled, “Affirmations” – a clever collection of motivational aphorisms – Fay urges one to choose to “make your dreams come true” by simply getting started. With the next five songs she takes her own advice and proceeds to deliver a musical narrative demonstrating that in this outing, she intends to make her dreams come true by storytelling through song.


In the title cut “Wildflowers”, Fay uses her warm, smooth vocals to remind us that one of the great equalizers in life is choice.  She then takes us on a journey with the next four songs that illustrate how choice changed the life of the subject of track three, “Solomon’s Bride”.  Through her heartfelt and engaging lyrics on “I Was Born to Love You”, “A Little Praise”, and “The Light and the Way”, Fay weaves a story of the “bride’s” discovery of purpose, surrender to love, and complete devotion to and reverence for the love she has found and accepted.


Fay’s music is nuanced and completely original.  This EP really gets under your skin, so don’t be surprised if you end up playing it over and over again.


"Wildflowers" is available on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, & Spotify, April 2, 2021.  Website:  RECOMMENDED!


“Fay, I LOVE Wildflowers.  The message is just so, so solid.  This has become a song that just keeps going ‘round and ‘round in my head recently. . . these songs are MAGIC!”

                                                                                              -Ted K., Billboard charted music producer

"Groovy & funky & fun, makes me wanna dance, singer's voice is beautiful and she sings some straight poetry."

"Makes me feel both calm, loved and moved."

"Very smooth on the ears with an easy listening jazz vibe."

"Mellow and cool...nothing you can do but chill."

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